Facebook selects AlertEnterprise to Make Security a Business Enabler


We are excited to announce today that Facebook has selected AlertEnterprise Guardian to make Security a true Business Enabler. Facebook attended our User Group event & was very impressed to see how so many high profile Fortune 100s have embraced our Security Convergence vision & how the AlertEnterprise platform has empowered our customers to achieve their vision of Frictionless Security by bridging the silos across HR, Physical Security, Travel Management systems and more.

Under this agreement, AlertEnterprise applications Platform will seamlessly integrate their logical and physical systems globally to provide the following capabilities in-line with the NIST Cyber Security Framework:

  1. Prevention: Identity and Access Governance to Leverage built-in configurable controls to secure access to their crown jewels (like data centers) & automate compliance to various regulations related to security, safety, data privacy (like GDPR).
  2. Detection: Identity Intelligence to proactively identify & mitigate cyber/physical attacks or Insider threat.
  3. Mitigation: Intelligent and informed Cyber / Insider Threat Response based on complete context across IT, Physical & OT systems.

Let us make sure that we make Facebook another glowing success story, as we have done for many other Fortune 100s & customers across so many critical sectors.